Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sad day

Today I feel quite low. My now husband got on a flight to Bangkok this morning and so I am all alone. I did some shopping, and even got a free bag (courtesy of my lovely father), then I mowed the lawn, then destroyed the lawn with the strimmer. I don't feel like eating and my tummy feels kinda funny. And Ayesha is following me everywhere I go.

All in all I feel sad. Just want my Philip to hug. Think the fact I have 4 long, busy days at work with noone to come home too is part of the reason.

It doesn't really feel like I'm going on honeymoon in 6 days.

And I am so so worried about leaving Ayesha. Even though she has a lovely catsitter.

Ok, moan over. Will try to be happier now.