Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The year that Glastonbury broke me

I am back, but very very broke. Am currently spending day 2 in bed with an ever evolving illness thats keeping me home from work and my very very important appraisal today (which I still passed somehow, despite not being there).
Glastonbury had quite a few highs, but sadly quite a few lows. There were tears (who else but me seeks out exam results whilst away!!), sweat and maybe the odd little tantrum or two. It was mightily hot and dusty, which made it difficult to do much in the day. It won't go down as the best but it had its moments.... moustaches in the NYC Downlow bar, salsa dancing at 2am, singing our heads off to the wonder that is Candi Staton and me lusting over Chali 2na (that voice......)

Just lets not talk about the Gorillaz, okay?

Photos when well.


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Favourite Glastonbury moments so far....

It will be my 4th Glastonbury this year, and as always, I'm very excited!!  I thought I'd share some of my favourite performances from my previous festivals.

Firstly, 2002
Difficult to find many videos. Highlights were definitely No Doubt, Nelly Furtado, Isaac Hayes, Groove Armada (At the River was stunning!) and sat outside our tent by a campfire listening to Rod Stewart on the Pyramid Stage on Sunday night.
Here's some Rod for you

Amy Winehouse - Jazz World Stage.
We were right at the front, it was a great show (before everything went a bit downhill!)

Arctic Monkeys
Just brilliant - quite near the back but great atmosphere!

Seasick Steve
The first time we saw him, even though we only caught the very end of this set. He always plays multiple times at Glastonbury. Think we've seen him too many times now though, but he still rocks!

Paolo Nutini
I love him, thats all. And this cover is genius.

I don't need to explain! They don't show the video that he played first, but that & the first performance sent shivers down my spine! The bit where it changes from Wonderwall to 99 problems! Got to be one of the best performances ever!

Mr Doherty
A special little song close to my heart.

Candi Staton
This video does no justice to the experience of being there singing with everyone!

I'm sure there will be some to add to that list from this year. Looking forward to Jack Johnson, Ray Davies (ie The Kinks lead singer), Gorillaz once again, Florence and the one and only Stevie Wonder.

Only 3 sleeps left!!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hello summer!

So, exam is over (at least for a few months..... it didn't go well!) and now I can enjoy my summer.  My plans involve:

* Glastonbury, only THE best festival in the world!!
* Watching the world cup whilst drinking beer
* Watching wimbledon whilst eating strawberries
* Eye-beef-ah!
* Long lazy dinners with friends
* Picnics on the common
* Lots of barbecues in the garden

Yey to summer!  And yey to no more revision, at least for a month!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Wish me......

From kaibara87 

Its exam week.  I am hoping very much for third time luck, as its my third time taking this exam.  I have done an awful lot of work for this one, so fingers crossed!  Not sure that I could face it a fourth time!  My exam is in London on Wednesday and my husband is going to meet me afterwards.  I plan to buy most of Anthropologie, have lunch at Wahaca and then more shopping in the Westfield Centre.  And maybe a few glasses of wine if it doesn't go well - I have found that is the key to forgetting the questions and not reliving the exam in your head for hours on end!

Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The White Isle

Today we booked flights to the other white isle, Ibiza, for the end of July.  My husband spent his 18th there, and we thought it would be kinda cool to spend his 30th there.  So now we have to find a nice, remotely affordable hotel in high season in Ibiza.  I have found some stunning ones, but am not spending £2000 for 4 nights!!  But am excited anyway!!!

Maybe more looking once my exam is over..... only a week of revision left!