Monday, 16 August 2010

Twenty Nine

I feel quite old.  And I now have to go to work, but at least I have had a lovely afternoon.  I had a hot stones massage then went for lunch at a lovely little tea room and got a pink cupcake.  
I have been promised more cake at work so the sugar headache will probably last all day!

Thursday, 12 August 2010


For my husband's 30th birthday, we went to Ibiza for a long weekend.  It was my first visit, his second (he celebrated his 18th there too).  It was ridiculously expensive trip, despite flying RyanAir, but a once in a lifetime trip!  We went to clubs (Eden and Pacha), drank far too many Mojitos in Savannah on the sunset strip, laid on beautiful beaches soaking up the sun and ate lobster at one of the most beautiful restaurants on the island (but shame about the service, Amante!)  I'd love to go back next summer, although may have to wait until the exchange rate is more in our favour! Here are some photos.

Me with one of those Mojitos at Savannah

Dancer at Wonderland at Eden

Long exposure at Eden

Ibiza sunset

Cala Vadella beach

The birthday boy at Amante with a pre-dinner Martini

The view from our table at Amante

Ibiza Town - Dalt Vila

Wish I was still there!

Friday, 6 August 2010


Ibiza was lovely - we went to clubs, danced, laughed, drank far too much Cava, spent far too much money and sat on lovely beaches.  I came back straight into my new job which has involved being at the hospital (which is almost an hour away) for 7.30am every day and doing at least 11 hour days.  I am knackered!  I have to continue with the early mornings until Wednesday, when I get a whole 1 day off!!
Work seems okay so far, need more time to get back into Emergency Medicine before I properly start enjoying it though, but I'm sure I'll get there!  Am off to bed, once again, too late - should really be in bed at 8pm!!

And yes, I note the irony of the title and the photo!