Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lovely weekend!

I took the weekend off from study as it was my first wedding anniversary plus one of my good friend's weddings, in West Wales.  On Friday we drove over to Cardiff and had a look at the new shopping centre (pretty cool).  We also went for dinner at Jamie's Italian (overpriced and just okay) and treated ourselves to a night in St Davids Hotel, which is a 5 star hotel in Cardiff Bay.  The hotel was nice, but hadn't really got any 5 star fanciness and the room buzzed all night!  We then went over to Carmarthen for Nia and Adam's wedding.  Nia is my best friend from uni, and we both worked for the same team when we became doctors, so were terrified together!  (The day we found out we'd be working together, we literally jumped around hugging one another all day!)

Once again on 22nd May, it was a very beautiful day, although all the men were sweltering in their suits! It was a lovely ceremony in an old house then the reception was in a marquee in Nia's parents very large garden.  It was a lovely day, great to see all the girls again and I am very happy for the new couple!

My favourite pic from the wedding, as always, is a (semi) candid one, of Nia and I.  She looked stunning in her lace dress, very apt for a country wedding!

The girls and I left one another promising to be better at keeping in touch and meeting up, especially as there are no more weddings in our group currently, although we think Suzy and Hugh's won't be far away!

Love you, Mr B

Here's to many more happy years together, we've had a great first year of marriage!

(This was the main song at our wedding, it was playing as we signed the register and as we left the ceremony room. We had Bill Withers Lovely Day for me to walk into. And we didn't really do the whole first dance thing, but the reception music was all done by us - we spent hours perfecting it. The last song of the evening was Groove Armada - At the River.)

Monday, 17 May 2010

My weekend...

....... involved joining a few thousand Pompey fans on the common to watch the FA Cup and a sad loss for them, but nobody seemed to mind too much.

Enjoying my garden for a few minutes (soooo much colder than it was this time last year!)  But my carrots, spinach and spring onions are all coming, slowly!
Trying to crochet (again!) at knitting club, but once again failing miserably.
From welshkaren's flickr - how beautifully neat!

And quite a bit of revision (really!) - I did upper and lower limb anatomy.
This week I have 2 days of work, some fun neuroanatomy to study AND then a wedding and my first wedding anniversary to celebrate!  I have such fond memories from this time last year, all apart from the hospital trips and a well timed appendicitis!  Ooh, and a very much needed hair cut tomorrow by the lovely Billy - doesn't matter too much what I want, I'll get whatever he wants to do, but I'll love it anyway.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


they basically just smooshed the cakes together and we got a new government.  I am very interested to see how it turns out, although I'm not very sure about the new health secretary who has some rather odd ideas. But I'm certainly not planning on leaving the country or anything like that.  I'm not even really sure that our lives with really change.  I did love all the pomp and ceremony that came with GB resigning and a new PM coming into power!  Us Brits do do it in style!

The Road to Downing Street

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Day

Its election day here in the UK and seems to be attracting more attention than most of the other general elections that I remember (except in 1997 when my Art GCSE final project was election based).  I have been to vote this afternoon and as I am working a night shift tonight, will get to hear all the news as it happens.  Our local councillor election seems a bit poor though - Southsea is very much a Lib Dem constituency but last year, the lib dem run council decided to completely ignore a public vote about cycling on the seafront promenade and do what the hell they wanted anyway (which has so far landed 2 cyclists in hospital) .  The Tory candidate said she opposed this BUT wants to ban BBQs on the common apparently (yes, something needs to be done about the burnt spots but banning altogether doesn't sound very appealing).  We struggled to find very much info about any of the other candidates, even searching online, which was a bit poor.  Oh well, time will tell.....

Cupcakes from Lolas at Selfridges, pics from

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dress update and a few other bits

Well the wedding dress shopping was great!  I absolutely loved it!  Amy tried on a lot of dresses, most of which were lovely.  There was one that I absolutely loved, a lace one, and I'm pretty sure was one of the others that I tried on when I went.  Amy was trying to decide between the lace one, or the very first one she tried on back home.  Well she texted me yesterday and has decided on the 'other' one, the one that I haven't seen, so I'm excited to see it, only 4 months to wait!

I have 3 weddings (so far!) this year, and my first is on my wedding anniversary on 22nd May.  I have been trying to find a dress that would do me for all 3 weddings (luckily different people are going to all 3) but have been struggling a bit.  I wanted one that wasn't 'high street' especially as there are lots of women of similar age to me going to the first one.

I have been looking at this Anthro one for the past 3 weeks, pretty much every day.
but my concerns are that its white (hence a bit bridal), possibly not smart enough and online (so might not fit).  And £148.  I also really love a load of French Connection dresses, like   

but what are the chances of someone else wearing a exactly the same French Connection dress????
So what have I done?  Well I bought a Karen Millen dress from the outlet store at Gunwharf Quays.  And then came home to look at their website and find its current stock.  Bollocks.  So I am now going to spend the next 2 weeks worrying that someone else will be wearing it.

And I'm not going to post the website pic of it as it doesn't look so good.

And if the Anthro one happens to go in the sale in the next 2 weeks, I may well get that one too.  (Pllllllllllleeeeeeeeasssssse!!!)