Sunday, 23 August 2009

My 28th Birthday

It was my 28th last weekend - we were pretty lucky with the weather - Sunday was lovely, Saturday couldn't decide. My birthday weekend consisted of:
  • Picking up the new car and attempting to go for a nice fast drive and a picnic but failing
  • Lunch at a lovely restaurant with shit service in Chichester
  • A gorgeous Raymond Blanc birthday cake
  • Drinks with friends and dancing away to great tunes at Drift into the early hours
  • Birthday breakfast at Lou Lous
  • A lovely day in Southsea visiting the Thai food Festival, a VW festival, bollywood music at the bandstand and many many people.

I then felt a bit ill (dodgy Chicken satay) and we didn't make it out for dinner - instead got take-away pizza. Much better birthday than last year when I was working!

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