Monday, 3 August 2009


Thailand was amazing - I could have payed someone to drive me around the country and just stared. We landed in Krabi airport then got a taxi for the 40 minute trip to the airport and the journey was amazing - we passed elephants, 25 people on the back of a pickup truck, 5 people on the back of a moped (eek!), wooden shacks that were family houses right next to big luxurious houses, wooden houses that had huge expensive cars outside them, stalls selling anything and everything, hundreds of dogs, 10 garden centres in a row...... Unlike anything I have ever seen before. We managed to do very little, and only had one day in the whole trip that was a proper touristy day. All in all it was a lovely country, very colourful with bowls of flowers everywhere and little shrines to buddha/the king. I am very much looking forward to going back in the future (at a less rainy time = less turbulent flight) - it has inspired me to learn to cook thai food and I'm even trying to find my own little perfect buddha for the garden. I'd quite like to have an orchid in every drink I have too but that could work out a little too expensive.

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