Sunday, 25 October 2009

Feeling Autumnal....

It was a lovely sunny (if a little windy) day in Southsea today - perfect for the runners in the Great South Run. We went down for a little bit to watch - managed to see everyone I knew who was running! We got stuck in the middle of Southsea Common when the race started - had to wait for a gap and sprint across the runners. Got to meet some lovely people in the Medical Tent (for once I wasn't injured - purely work related!).

This evening I got a bit crafty and made a ghost for my window. Need to finish my felt leaves and then the house will be ready for Autumn! It will probably be over by then! Made a Bramley Apple Pie too - my first ever sweet pie! I was pretty impressed and so was the hubbie, who doesn't normally like cooked fruit. I promise to post some crafty pics soon, plus the photos from our trip to the New Forest last weekend.

Last week was rubbish so I'm hoping this one will be much better - although I have an assessment, appraisal and am working the weekend, eek! Night!

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