Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lazy(ish) Weekend

It was a bit of an odd weekend - the first one in 5 or 6 weeks that we have had no evening plans. Friday afternoon/evening and most of yesterday was spent clearing out and tidying our attic room as it will now be a study/craft space for me as well as Phil's office. Today was supposed to be a study day to get on track for my upcoming exam, but I spent the day reading Stephanie Nielson's (NieNie) amazing blog. Wow - what a year. I cannot imagine what impact something like that would have on me, my husband, my family. Inspirational reading.

I've been feeling a bit odd this weekend - not sure how to put it into words, maybe its monthly hormones or something - melancholy? No, thats not right. Attempted to cheer myself up today by making a lovely Italian broth and chocolate fridge cake - neither were perfect but both yummy. Back to work tomorrow and no weekend off this week - need to get some studying in in the evenings, lets see if that happens! Also really need to do some of my craft class projects - still haven't finished one! Did make a felt leaf garland tonight though.

Going to go snuggle up to my husband and see if a good nights sleep improves things. Maybe.

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