Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Haiti update

Just realised I never wrote what happened about Haiti.....
Well, the week before last, I was in touch with a charity who have a hospital in Northern Haiti.  They were expecting many refugees and so were asking for doctors/nurses/etc.
I was put on hot stand by to go, and was told maybe within a few days.  The charity had placed ads on various doctors websites, etc - I took all this as a sign I was likely to be going, so had all my jabs, got malaria prophylaxis, got myself mentally prepared.....
Then on the Thursday evening (when my 10 days of annual leave started), I got a call saying right, you're going - but leaving in a weeks time, for 2 weeks.  This would mean I'd have to take another 8 days off work, plus I start a new job on the 3rd Feb - this being the NHS, I would not have got extra leave and it wouldn't look very good it i missed the first week of my new job!  So, I had to tell the charity that I couldn't go.  I was absolutely gutted - for hours I couldn't speak to my husband!  However, I was still on stand by to go at another time in the next month or so, when I could arrange annual leave to fit.
We went away to Amsterdam this weekend, and on return I had an email from the charity saying they no longer needed doctors - they didn't have so many refugees and there are plenty of doctors in Port au Prince.  So it looks like I'm definately not going.  I guess I may be able to go out later, say in the next year or so.
I'm happy I tried - but I so wanted to go and help, and those 10 days of leave seemed like the perfect opportunity.

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