Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I started a new job today - on critical care.  I'll be there for 6 months which will be pretty intense.  Think it's one of those jobs where I will have to plan my time off well, so I actually have a life!  I do my first shift tomorrow and work straight through to Monday.  I'm hoping I'll make some friends in the unit - it was pretty hard to make friends in anaesthetics as we were all in different theatres with only a few people in each.  It was one of my new years resolutions to make more friends this year so this is my plan!

Yesterday I went to a sewing class at The Make Room - it was a beginners class and taught me how to use my sewing machine properly!  Some of the things I had been doing were a bit stupid!  We made a little pin cushion at the end of the class - my husband even thought it looked good, although he had to ask what it was!!!  Ellen, who runs the classes, has a beautiful craft room - lots of bright fabrics, jars of buttons of different colours, it was heaven!  I definitely will be doing more of her classes in the future!

Today I had dinner with Alexa of  Curlywiggles which was lovely.  I then spent the evening attempting to teach myself to crochet..... I failed.  Shall try again another day!

Ooh and I bought this jumper last week - love it!


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