Sunday, 7 March 2010

1st week of Spring!

I worked 60 hours this week, so I was pretty glad to have a day off today!  I had a lovely lie in then we went to the Tenth Hole for lunch - a lovely little tearoom that does huge lunches and amazing cakes , we even sat outside - it was just about warm enough.  We then had a lovely (but cold) walk all along the seafront down to Spice Island where we went for a drink in Still & West - sadly no pirates or parrots today, but plenty of ferries leaving Portsmouth with all the car alarms going off!
After all the rubbish I have eaten at work this week, I was in desperate need of some healthy stuff so for dinner we had smoked salmon, new potatoes, carrots and asparagus - the salmon was cooked on a griddle instead of the bbq, but even so it felt a bit like summer!  We watched District 9 tonight - really good film, very different to anything else I have ever seen!  Thats my week really!  I went to craft night at Caitlin's house on Tuesday and she taught me how to crochet (i need lots of practice!) and the only other thing I've done is worked!
Some pics of the lovely Southsea day!

Have a good week all! x

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