Monday, 22 March 2010

One amazing evening!

After the week from hell (you wouldn't believe me if I told you), we wanted to make our weekend good - and boy was it!  Last night we went to House of Burlesque at Kings Theatre which was pretty good - the whole of the theatre singing Bohemian Rhapsody whilst a man (Mr Meredith) played piano wearing only stockings, knickers and a corset was a pretty one off experience.

But tonight was a whole different ballgame!  It was supposed to be dinner then off to the Gorillaz gig.

We went to our favourite restaurant, Sakura, for Japanese food.  We had been there for 10 or so minutes when who should walk in but..... Damon Albarn, Mick Jones (of the Clash), Paul Simonon (of the Clash), Cass Browne and the rest of the Gorillaz.  Wow.  I was pretty damn startstruck, but my husband was a wreck - Damon is his ultimate musical hero!  He said a kind of 'nodding head' hello to him when he went to the toilet but otherwise wouldn't speak to him or let me ask for a photo!  They sat next to us (well, the restaurant only has about 6 tables) for their meal, and it was great hearing them talk about the gig and how Noodle would have loved the restaurant!  As we were all leaving at the same time, I couldn't resist - and so I asked Mick Jones what time they were on.  He was very nice and informative, but hubby just kept saying "oh my god, oh my god!"  Haha!

As for the gig - well to say I wasn't very keen on Plastic Beach, it was amazing!  They did Clint Eastwood, Feel Good and Dare which made me happy and it was such a small, intimate venue so it was extra special!  The crowd could have been more enthusiastic but they never seem to be at The Wedgewood Rooms!  Mick Jones stole the show, he is awesome and was absolutely loving it!  They all wore blue striped tops and navy hats, and we heard them say in the restaurant that they hoped we didn't think they were taking the piss!

All in all, an amazing night - how lovely to have Gorillaz in little old Southsea!

All pics are on Flickr but here are a few in the meantime:

! xx


  1. Very jealous! Glad you had a good time :) x

  2. OMG {as the kids would say.}
    I am so jealous. xx