Monday, 18 October 2010

Apologises for the absence

I have so incredibly busy - mainly with work, but also trying to fit study time in and other bits and bobs - all non-fun bits and bobs.  Did my Advanced Life Support course last week (we have to do it every 4 years) and I got recommended to be an instructor which I am hugely happy about.
The dreaded exam is 2 months away and pretty much every day off has to be spent studying - other than the occasional few nights out for halloween, concerts (Black Keys) and friends birthdays, I will be sat at my desk studying.  Which makes for very little to write about in blog land, so expect it to be quiet around these parts for the next couple of months.

Oh and for those who know about all the crap that happened 6 months ago - the builders FINALLY started in our Cardiff house today! Yey!  They reckon it will only take a month!

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