Tuesday, 19 October 2010

In stark contrast

to my hideous shift on Sunday, yesterday was pretty good - a few of my friends were working, we had sweets AND I found a little happy baby inside a woman's belly.  She was having some pains and the obstetrics doctor said if I could see hear the heartbeat, I could reassure her.  We have an ultrasound in the ED but it's basic and we don't usually use it for baby scans!!  I was very wary of my poor ultrasound skills but I found it!!  Heartbeat, and little head, arms and legs, all wiggling about.   I'm not sure who was more emotional - me or Mum & Dad!!!  It reminded me of why I love my job, which I really needed after Sunday (which I do not want to share the details of on line sorry).


  1. I saw your fb honey.
    hope you were ok.

    it's good to see there is a better side to it all. miss you.
    maybe i could come visit after your exam? xx

  2. definitely definitely definitely, would love you to come! xx