Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The year that Glastonbury broke me

I am back, but very very broke. Am currently spending day 2 in bed with an ever evolving illness thats keeping me home from work and my very very important appraisal today (which I still passed somehow, despite not being there).
Glastonbury had quite a few highs, but sadly quite a few lows. There were tears (who else but me seeks out exam results whilst away!!), sweat and maybe the odd little tantrum or two. It was mightily hot and dusty, which made it difficult to do much in the day. It won't go down as the best but it had its moments.... moustaches in the NYC Downlow bar, salsa dancing at 2am, singing our heads off to the wonder that is Candi Staton and me lusting over Chali 2na (that voice......)

Just lets not talk about the Gorillaz, okay?

Photos when well.


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