Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Boxing day and beyond.

Boxing day we got up early(ish), slid across the car park and drove down to Oxfordshire for a family party at Phil's sisters.  Managed to get Phil's dad the same present he got us - photos of our wedding, but also got 12 bottles of wine, wool, knitting needles and Gaudi cats.  Obviously I am now going to get cats and wool for presents at christmas and birthdays, instead of just cats!  Spent quite a lot of time playing with Mya, our 6 month niece who loves frilly tops and necklaces and hates christmas cracker hats.

Sunday we had a stroll into Southsea and a look around the sales, then came home and cooked a Christmas dinner for the 2 of us, except with chicken as there was no turkey left.  My husband does do a good roast, even if he says so himself, many many times!  We then watched Twilight, finally, and I have to say, I can see the attraction, it was a pretty good film!  I don't have work until Wednesday so plan on doing lots of nothing - today I got up late, only got out of my pyjamas at 2pm, painted my nails, ate cheese and biscuits for dinner and watched TV.  Feel a bit guilty for doing nothing but it was a well deserved rest day.  Tomorrow I need to do some cleaning and more sale shopping!

Pics of the last few days below.

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  1. It appears I spent most of christmas Inanely happy.