Monday, 14 December 2009


So, I had a trip to London last week - I am completely forgetting the real reason I went and will instead focus on shopping. I had a lovely lovely day - firstly we went to Covent Garden and had a look around all the little shops there, we then had a long lunch with a bottle of wine at Carluccios and then headed to Regent Street to my new favourite shop - Anthropologie - this shop is amazing! Everything was so beautiful - the clothes, the bedding, the plates - I wanted to buy everything! It is very expensive in the UK though - so I was good and came away with the dress and birdy shown below. We then decided to do something Christmassy and so went to the ultimate Christmas shop - Liberty. It was, as always, beautiful - and then I found the haberdashery section and spent an hour cooing over the wools and fabrics. I finally decided to treat myself to some beautiful Liberty fabric - have to decide what to do with it now! I could have spent hours more wandering around London but decided to come home to spend some time with my hubby - for the last month or so I have either been ill or studying so we have managed to spend very little quality time together. When I got home we got chinese takeaway and fell asleep huggling up on the sofa. Lovely day! (after the horrible exam bit in the morning!)

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