Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Day

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, I'm feeling very sorry for my poor friends who had to work - it sucks!  Because Christmas fell on a Friday most of them had to work the whole weekend too, which is pretty pants.  I was thinking of them all!

I went up North on Christmas Eve, with the roads getting snowier and snowier as we went.  Got to see Em for a few hours which was lovely and then headed to my Dads house.  We woke up on Christmas day to a lovely white Christmas (although it wasn't official as it didn't actually snow on the day).  My dad lives in a converted mill and in the morning a local band came to play some Christmas carols while the residents handed out mulled wine - pretty surreal and beautiful with all the snow!  We then opened our presents and started getting everything ready for lunch.  There were 9 of us all together so lots of food to cook!  Lunch was lovely although as always I ate too much.  We then chatted for hours and drank lots of wine and port and continued the eating!

I got some amazing presents from my husband, my favourite being a mustard yellow vintage train case and a beautiful cushion that I'd had my eye on for ages.  I got him lots of Kid Robot goodies and a half knitted scarf, oops!

It was a different Christmas day to normal but lovely, especially with all the snow!

Some pics below, more over at my Flickr, link on the left.

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  1. Glad we didn't have snow down here or i would have been working! Loves that vintage casy, you lucky girl! Cute picture of the two of you & the snow man - ideal for scrapbooking!