Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hello 2010

Today is not a snow day - I have to go to work tonight (am going to set off super early).

The last 2 days the UK has come to a halt - no mail, most people at home, no schools open, operations cancelled .... quite amazing what snow does to us!  Apparently, Hampshire hadn't had much snow for years - we've lived here 18 months and have seen quite a bit of it!

Anyway, as I have been so lazy with my blogging, I thought I'd do a round up of the last week.

New Years Eve was a party for just 2, as none of our friends could make it.  We had fun though, making a yummy lasagne, drinking far too much, watching Jools Holland (particularly good this year) and falling asleep curled up on the sofa.

I was working nights on the 1st/2nd/3rd so we didn't have any plans, but by the Sunday morning, having just had 7 hours sleep at work, we were bored, so went on a spur of the moment shopping trip to Brighton.  We spent a good hour or so in Snoopers Paradise, an amazing second hand warehouse made up of little shops.  I got some vintage patterns and we got a (new) picture for the house, so we didn't go crazy.  Most of the good stuff in that shop goes straight away as it's in Brighton - if we lived there I'm sure we'd get tons more!

The beginning of the week started pretty lazy really - then on Tuesday evening (as we were driving to the supermarket), it started to snow, and snow, and snow.  Yesterday we went for a walk down to the seafront as we haven't ever seen it in snow.  We took a few photos but it started getting dark and very very cold, so we had to race back.  I was supposed to be having an evening with my friend, Laura, but once I was inside and warm, I didn't want to leave.

Today it is still very icy but hasn't snowed.  I'm hoping for a reasonable night but expecting lots of trauma patients due to the ice.  On Saturday we have plans to go to London for the day (mainly so hubby can go to the Kid Robot shop) so I am hoping we will still be able to go.

Anyway, enough writing, here are some random photos.

I found a K shaped Twiglet on NYE -it made my day!

Our last meal of 2009 - Chicken and Pesto Lasagne

The view from the hospital yesterday morning before I left - taken on my Iphone

The snowman in our back garden, who I just named Bob.  He has a mohican.

On the way to the sea yesterday

Hubby looking cold

The bandstand and sea - people had sledged on every tiny bit of hill available

The lighthouse in the castle where we had our wedding reception

Wish me luck getting to work and back! And Happy New Year!

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