Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Weekend, and a Haiti update

Have had a funny few days, waiting to hear about things and then not hearing anything for days.

I tried keeping myself busy this weekend - went up to see Phil's family on Saturday - had a lovely lunch then stopped by his sisters house to see Mya, our niece.  She is 6 months old now and at a lovely stage - very interested in everything around her, happy and giggling all the time!  She has lots of lots of bright, lovely toys, and what was she most interested in?  Our Holga camera!

We had to pop to Ikea on the way back (because the only place you can set lightbulbs for some Ikea lights and sheets for Ikea beds is Ikea!).  We got back pretty late but still managed to rustle up some Crostini for dinner!  We got a griddle last week and have pretty much used it every day since, its great!  I am useless at taking pictures of food, need to get better!  Here are our crostini, which had mozzarella/tomato/basil or cannellini bean with rosemary oil toppings.  Yum!

Yesterday I had emails from both routes into Haiti that I was investigating.... only to find out they were the same one!  They are looking for doctors/nurses/etc to go to a hospital in northern Haiti which wasn't too badly affected to help mainly with the refugees that are coming up from the Port au Prince area.  I am currently on the stand by list and may be going on Friday.  I think the main problem is funding for so many people - especially the flights.  So am trying to sort out vaccines, what to take...... We shall we!

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