Friday, 15 January 2010

Helping Haiti

As some of you know, I have been trying to organise going out to Haiti to help out with the earthquake in a medical capacity.  I have annual leave from next week for 10 days with no specific plans and thought I may be of some use.  The last 48 hours I have spent researching, emailing and having a bit of a arghhhhhhhh when I thought I may be able to go out tomorrow.  This morning I had a message from Sarah Brown (the one who is the PM's wife) which was pretty amazing - I had messaged her on Twitter asking if she knew any organisations looking for doctors, not expecting her to reply - she actually has sent me 2 messages!  Through her I have become aware of an organisation in northern Haiti who have a hospital, clinic and children's home, who often have people come out to them for 2 weeks or so to help out.  I have had some lovely emails back but unfortunately all commercial planes have been cancelled so I have no way of getting there. This evening I heard from a local paramedic who had been asked to get a group of doctors, nurses and paramedics together to go out and provide assistance asap.  However, due to the huge problems with the airport (which was damaged) and safety issues, they have had their plans put on hold.  So, I am currently on hold.  Even if I don't get to go out this month, I may try again later in the year.  But in the meantime I am going to register with a number of charities and organisations for the future, so I can hopefully be part of their emergency response units.  Feeling a bit deflated but am taking the advice I have been given and just waiting for now.

In other news, I just had 3 days of annual leave - lots of sorting out the house, changing my name with companies (yes, I got married 8 months ago......), Japanese food, etc.  Tomorrow we are going to my husband's Dads house for lunch and to see our niece.  Quite looking forward to it actually!  Just got cheered up by watching Alex James on Pop star to Opera star - he is a cheese making legend!!

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  1. i just donated what i could, but i can't help out in the same ways that you can! It's such a pain that they can't get you out there. i hope something works out soon. i'll keep my eyes peeled for you.