Monday, 19 April 2010

Grumpy gardening

Today I woke up in an almighty grump, which wasn't very helpful for what needed to be a super productive day!  I did however, manage to finish cleaning the house (inspection tomorrow), do a Waitrose shop and spend a few hours in the garden sorting out all my plants and vegetables.  I think being with Buddha helped, but it's coming back again now....
My garden should be full of colour and fragrance soon, I planted more lavender, rosemary, mimulus and petunias and hopefully in the summer will have carrots, spinach, coriander, tomatoes, strawberries, lollo rosso and spring onions.  My tiny little garden is cramped full of pots and containers!  I will take photos once our grass has grown back - it dies every winter and we have to reseed it.
What I didn't manage to do today was any studying or go to the gym - so probably shouldn't have had that slice of Key Lime pie then!  Back to work tomorrow for 3 days.

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  1. There is never a situation where you shouldn't eat Key Lime pie! Trust me. xo