Monday, 5 April 2010

My Easter

Yey for a long weekend off!  My easter consisted of:
- drinks with work friends including a few of the consultants, it all turned a bit odd
- my husband hacking a lot and recovering from the most horrible cold ever
- finally finishing watching the last series of 24, can make a start of this series now!
- 4 lovely long lie ins
- way too many eggs (not the chocolate variety)
- black russians at Louisa's party as well as the most obnoxious guy ever!
- our first ever attempt at meringues - with a hand whisk.  It took one hour, but then we got to have Eton mess
- Blu rays - Up (amazing but cried within 5 minutes) and Inglourious Basterds (not what I was expecting)
- a quick trip to Chichester

I am working nights for a week from tomorrow, with one day off on Saturday (what am I supposed to do with that???) so most likely won't have anything interesting to say for a while.  Then its study study study for my exam in June, but then Glastonbury, so the last half of June will be good.  We also possibly have a fun trip lined up for the weekend after my exam, hopefully it will happen!  

(Pics are of my kitty eating my flowers and our Eton Mess)

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