Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lovely weekend!

I took the weekend off from study as it was my first wedding anniversary plus one of my good friend's weddings, in West Wales.  On Friday we drove over to Cardiff and had a look at the new shopping centre (pretty cool).  We also went for dinner at Jamie's Italian (overpriced and just okay) and treated ourselves to a night in St Davids Hotel, which is a 5 star hotel in Cardiff Bay.  The hotel was nice, but hadn't really got any 5 star fanciness and the room buzzed all night!  We then went over to Carmarthen for Nia and Adam's wedding.  Nia is my best friend from uni, and we both worked for the same team when we became doctors, so were terrified together!  (The day we found out we'd be working together, we literally jumped around hugging one another all day!)

Once again on 22nd May, it was a very beautiful day, although all the men were sweltering in their suits! It was a lovely ceremony in an old house then the reception was in a marquee in Nia's parents very large garden.  It was a lovely day, great to see all the girls again and I am very happy for the new couple!

My favourite pic from the wedding, as always, is a (semi) candid one, of Nia and I.  She looked stunning in her lace dress, very apt for a country wedding!

The girls and I left one another promising to be better at keeping in touch and meeting up, especially as there are no more weddings in our group currently, although we think Suzy and Hugh's won't be far away!


  1. Did you get your hair cut? It looks pretty. Love the new blog banner by the way. I am so excited that it is finally summer!

  2. Yes I did! And thank you!