Monday, 17 May 2010

My weekend...

....... involved joining a few thousand Pompey fans on the common to watch the FA Cup and a sad loss for them, but nobody seemed to mind too much.

Enjoying my garden for a few minutes (soooo much colder than it was this time last year!)  But my carrots, spinach and spring onions are all coming, slowly!
Trying to crochet (again!) at knitting club, but once again failing miserably.
From welshkaren's flickr - how beautifully neat!

And quite a bit of revision (really!) - I did upper and lower limb anatomy.
This week I have 2 days of work, some fun neuroanatomy to study AND then a wedding and my first wedding anniversary to celebrate!  I have such fond memories from this time last year, all apart from the hospital trips and a well timed appendicitis!  Ooh, and a very much needed hair cut tomorrow by the lovely Billy - doesn't matter too much what I want, I'll get whatever he wants to do, but I'll love it anyway.

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