Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Day

Its election day here in the UK and seems to be attracting more attention than most of the other general elections that I remember (except in 1997 when my Art GCSE final project was election based).  I have been to vote this afternoon and as I am working a night shift tonight, will get to hear all the news as it happens.  Our local councillor election seems a bit poor though - Southsea is very much a Lib Dem constituency but last year, the lib dem run council decided to completely ignore a public vote about cycling on the seafront promenade and do what the hell they wanted anyway (which has so far landed 2 cyclists in hospital) .  The Tory candidate said she opposed this BUT wants to ban BBQs on the common apparently (yes, something needs to be done about the burnt spots but banning altogether doesn't sound very appealing).  We struggled to find very much info about any of the other candidates, even searching online, which was a bit poor.  Oh well, time will tell.....

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