Saturday, 18 September 2010

Other Bestivalities

Other than the Flaming lips, we saw Mumford and Sons, Bombay Bicycle club, Rolf Harris, Roxy Music (oh yes), Eliza Doolittle, Fake Blood and Vanilla Ice.  We walked past the Cocktails and Dreams tent saying 'I wonder when Vanilla Ice is on' only to bloody walk into him!!!!  And he posed for me!  The best possible Vanilla Ice pose ever!  And my stupid bloody camera missed it cos it was on silly mode.  Garrghhh!!!!

Other than that, we ate yummy food, dressed up as dragons/dinosaurs and red pandas (I was also supposed to be a dragon warrior but the rain meant I couldn't wear most of my outfit), drank yummy cocktails at the Black Dahlia and had afternoon tea and burlesque in the Time for Tease tent.

It was all great!  Stayed in a podpad for the 2nd year in a row, despite saying we wouldn't again!  Much comfier with twin beds and being on the flat, but this year we had absolutely no electricity (supposed to have light and 12V plug) - which made it a little bit of a waste of money.  Oh well.  And the prodigy, well they were a bit shit really.  Horrible atmosphere within the crowd.

Here are some photos!

Ice Ice Baby!  (this was inside during his gig)

The Wishing Tree (had to pass a test to get in there)

Main Stage

My 'dragon warrior thingy' mask... mostly worn in the Podpad during a rainstorm!

Our Kigu

Dinosaur in need of a wee

Ratty Panda

Tea and burlesque

Castle that got burnt on the last night

Watching the castle burn

Pretty fireworks and flags

Off to Southsea Fest tomorrow, our local festival - should be fun!

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