Monday, 6 September 2010

A week of weddings!

The week before last we had 2 weddings in one week, both of which we were involved in.
The first, my husband was best man for.  He got heckled during his best man speech, by no less than the bride's mother!  It made it all the more entertaining!  The reception was in a spanish restaurant and had an incredibly yummy buffet of paella, patatas bravas, pesto pasta and so on.  Lots of dancing to good tunes and even a Jedward style rendition of Vanilla Ice by my husband and the groom!

The second wedding was Ben and Amy's - they are some of our best friends.  We did a little bit of helping the night before, then I joined a group of girls and Mums who helped Amy get ready on the day, and then proceeded to take hundreds of photos!  I loved Amy's dress - I had been waiting to see it as we went dress shopping and she choose this one over the one I saw her in!  They had afternoon tea, a hog roast, brilliant speeches and a very fun cover band - very very happy for them!

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