Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Produce from my garden

I have a postage stamp sized garden  and a slighter smaller patio, but have been determined to grow something other than flowers.  Last year we got 2 or 3 strawberries only, so this year I planted everything I could find.  Last week I have got a load of tiny red onions and this week my tomatoes have ripened.  The tomatoes aren't the tastiest things ever, but edible enough.  They were lovely in a prawn linguine last night! Other highlights include rosemary and about a dozen strawberries this year.  My carrots are almost ready too, but I think they will be tiny (I planted them too close together and never got round to thinning them out).  My coriander, basil and lettuce all never happened or died pretty soon after sprouting.  I am hoping to have a proper sized garden soon so I can plant lots more, hopefully more successfully!

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