Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I guess I haven't posted much recently, despite the fact I have a few bits and bobs to share.  I blame work - whilst I am so much happier to be back where I feel I 'belong' work-wise, in A&E, the shifts are incredibly tiring and I feel like I have so little time off.  The recent few have been pretty emotionally draining too - yesterday my 30 year old friend came in with a massive massive heart attack (luckily he went straight for an angio and is gonna be okay) and today, I had just left the hospital in my car when I came across a load of people standing round someone on the pavement - a man had collapsed on the way to work and had a cardiac arrest.  Myself and another doctor were there and pretty soon after, the whole cardiac arrest team were there - quite surreal as it was outside!  I am hoping that my next 2 night shifts will be a little less adrenaline filled!  I have 2 whole weeks off after that, I am very much looking forward to them!  I plan to sleep late, drink too much tea and take lots of pretty pictures.  Oh, and do some studying.  Bleurgh.

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